Girl With Flowers In Her Hair

girl with flowers in her hair

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girl with flowers in her hair - Photo Reprint

Photo Reprint The flowers in her hair 1867

Photo Reprint The flowers in her hair 1867

The Popular Graphic Arts Collection is a large collection of historical prints (ca. 1700-1900) created to document geographic locations or popular subjects and sometimes used for advertising and educational purposes. Most are by American printmakers (e.g., Baillie, Currier & Ives, Sachse & Co.), but publishers in many other countries are also represented (e.g., Antonio Vanegas Arroyo). Subjects vary widely, from city and harbor views, street scenes, and manufacturing plants to genre scenes, historical events, religious iconography and portraits. This collection includes some images that reflect popular racism and stereotypes of their era. Photo Reprint The flowers in her hair 1867. Reprint is 15 in. x 18 in. on archival quality photo paper.

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Girl With Flowers in Her Hair

Girl With Flowers in Her Hair

I was inspired by a picture I took of my cousin and this is one of the (many) variations that I've messed around with. My cousin loves to be a princess and is a real bundle of energy.

Thanks to and for the other photographs used in this image!

Comments and criticism welcome!!!

the girl with flowers in her hair

the girl with flowers in her hair

Not exactly a hippie but definately an optimist! colored pencils on paper

girl with flowers in her hair

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