Traditional wedding flowers. A long day plant will flower if. Orange calla lily bouquets.

Traditional Wedding Flowers

traditional wedding flowers

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traditional wedding flowers - Traditional Pearl

Traditional Pearl Flower Girl Jewelry Set

Traditional Pearl Flower Girl Jewelry Set

Our Traditional Pearl Flower Girl Jewelry Set is the perfect gift for the special little girl in your wedding. Crafted of smooth glass pearls, this jewelry set has everything she'll need to feel like a princess. Set includes a white pearl necklace, expandable bracelet, pierced earrings, adjustable ring and a complimentary white satin purse embroidered with a first name. Available in silver with white pearl. Details: Size: Necklace measures 14 inches long. Bracelet expands to fit most. Materials: Silver-plated and glass pearls Embroidery Options: The complimentary white satin purse may be embroidered with a block first name (max of 12 characters) in pink thread at No Additional Cost.

85% (15)

Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding

“Danzas de varas” or “danzas de arcos” are some of the most eye-catching signs of folklore from Cantabria (northern Spain). Nowadays their presence is restricted to cultural activities or celebrations, where honored persons (in this case, wife and husband after wedding) have to parade under colored sticks, as a first step before a series of amazing and well-coordinated dances in group, usually played to the rhythm of the “pitu” (a regional kind of clarinet) and the drum.

It is said that the couple in the picture was able to survive that rice and confetti storm and, even more, celebrate their marriage properly. Maybe too much properly.


Las danzas de varas o de arcos son unas de las mas llamativas muestras del folklore cantabro. Actualmente su presencia esta practicamente circunscrita a actividades culturales y celebraciones, en las cuales las personas homenajeadas (en este caso, los contrayentes en una boda) han de pasar debajo de las varas ornamentadas como paso previo a una serie de llamativos y bien coordinados bailes en grupo, habitualmente ejecutados al ritmo del “pitu” (variante regional del clarinete) y el tambor.

Se cuenta que el matrimonio de la foto no solo fue capaz de sobrevivir a la lluvia de arroz y confeti sino que ademas lo festejo convenientemente. Quizas demasiado.

Cake Topper--Korean Hanbok Cutie bride and Chinese traditional Cutie Groom with Mandarin ducks

Cake Topper--Korean Hanbok Cutie bride and Chinese traditional Cutie Groom with Mandarin ducks

a custom order.

The bride is dressed in a Leatherwood-Simpson Desert colored Korean Hanbok traditional skirt with Pumpkin colored traditional Korean bow in the front, and Leatherwood-Dingo colored long sleeves. She has dark brown(newcastle ale)colored hair, and wears a simpson desert red butterfly hair pin with red, yellow, green and blue dots/beads. She also holds a celerytop pine-fuchsia colored cymbidium bridal flower bouquet.

The groom wears black-simpson desert colored traditional Chinese wedding round cap, and is dressed in a simpson desert colored Chinese traditional long wedding outfit. He has dark brown(newcastle ale)colored hair. He wears a dingo colored vest with leatherwood colored dots and bright blue Chinese knot-buttons for the big day.

The pair of Mandarin Ducks represent a good and happy marriage. The boy duck is in green,gold and brown colors. The girl duck is in blue, lavender and brown colors.

All my dolls are made using my original designs and techniques.
Please check my Flickr profile for more information.
Thank you for looking.

traditional wedding flowers

traditional wedding flowers

Appalachia Waltz / Ma, Meyer, O'Connor

Track Listing. Track Title. 1 The Green Groves Of Erin - The Flowers Of Red Hill. 2 Appalachia Waltz. 3 Chief Sitting In The Rain. 4 Mama. 5 Butterfly's Day Out. 6 Druid Fluid. 7 First Impressions. 8 Etienne Et Petunia. 9 F.C.'s Jig. 10 College Hornpipe. 11 Pickles. 12 Old Country Fairytale. 13 Schizoozy. 14 Star Of The Country Down. 15 Speed The Plow Medley. 16 Fair Dancer Reel. Classical Data. Alt Title: O'Connor, Meyer, Meyer and others. Length: 69:31. Genre: Cross. Period: Contemporary. Featured: Mark O'Connor. Country: USA. Bio: Mark O'Connor is an astonishingly versatile American violinist and composer who has had exceptional success in country and bluegrass music, jazz, classical, and crossover projects. He began to win country fiddling competitions when he was a teenager and already intended to pursue a career in this music. He closely studied the playing of such popular violinists as the European jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli and the Texas fiddler Benny Thomasson. By the time he was 21, he had already played as a sideman with Grappelli, including a performance at Carnegie Hall. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1983, determined to make a living as a musician. But the fiddle, once the predominant instrumental sound of country music, had faded to a mainly supporting role to the plucked strings and drums of modern country. Although he did play mandolin, he took two years to be widely noticed. This came about because the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band engaged him to play on a single, "High Horse," that became a hit. O'Connor immediately became in demand as a session artist. During the rest of the decade he participated in over 450 albums, working with leading artists such as Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Clint Black, Jimmy Buffett, and Randy Travis. He was a member of groups called Strength in Numbers, The Dixie Dregs, and The Dregs, and began to make his own albums.

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