Boys Before Flowers Theme Songs. Royal Blue Flower Girl Dress.

Boys Before Flowers Theme Songs

boys before flowers theme songs

    theme songs
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Compilation "dance education" tape inlay from 1990 (@6musicmornings)

Compilation "dance education" tape inlay from 1990  (@6musicmornings)

It was mid-1990, and I was still sporting the double denim look, having fallen for The Smiths and Morrissey in a big way (I think I heard my first Smiths record the day after they split - perfect timing). Because I'd failed to get the grades for university the previous summer, I was in the middle of a year out. Where most people would've tried Inter-railing around baroque European capitals, I rejected such exotica in favour of an admin position at a haulage company in the spare office of British Gas in Preston.

Having also missed out on Spike Island and the second summer of love, I realised I was already past it at 18. Everyone else was wearing baggy kecks, had curtains for hair and waved glo-sticks in fields near Warrington at the weekend. It was time for me to learn about this thing they called "dance music". (Would you believe it? Music that you were supposed to dance to! I was used to nightclubs like Raiders, where boys dived headfirst into a post-punk thrash-punch melee the second someone played Buzzcocks, or kohl-eyed girls with crimped hair swayed mysteriously in mourning for The Sisters Of Mercy.)

So I asked one of the girls at my local vinyl-pile, Action Records on Church St, to whip me up a tape of salvation/education. A friend of a friend, Jacky (who, for some reason, preferred to be called Jessie, and was a big fan of Disney cartoons) thankfully took pity on me and did the honours. Not all of it was her choice. I asked for Hippychick (which famously sampled How Soon Is Now) as a sop to my indie heritage, though swiftly it became my least favourite of the tracks. (I hate hearing it even now, 'cos it lulls you into thinking some unwitting idiot has playlisted The Smiths on radio by mistake.)

No, I never did end up taking the train to the Bank Quay for late night raves. I didn't even really grow my hair. But I did add this to my list of Walkman-friendly cassettes for the rest of that summer. I went to university a year late. It's actually quite easy to get a place when you already know what your results are.

So, what did I learn from my "dance education"? Dunno. I spent most of my first year at uni playing George Formby songs at top volume and drinking. Let's look at that tracklisting:

1. World In Motion by EnglandNewOrder
It was 1990! Gazza's tears! E for England. John Barnes raps. Keith Allen makes a fool of himself in the video. Even I spotted that this was a rip-off of the Reportage theme that "the other two" did for Def II. Still the best England World Cup theme, though. I probably asked for this one to be on the tape.

2. Expression by Salt 'n' Pepa
Two years before it broke the top 40! Still the kind of story-telling, make-a-point rap that reminds me of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, unfortunately, though I became a fan from the Very Necessary album onwards. And there's something about that Queens "nu yoik" accent that's very sexy.

3. Starfish & Coffee by Prince
A classic "list of random stuff" track in the mould of The Beatles' I Am The Walrus, as told by Dr Seuss. I did buy the single Sign O' The Times but Prince has never really grabbed me. My mate Stewart Tavener, who I was in a guitar band with at the time, loved this song.

4. Hippychick by SoHo
Probably the only non-Billy Bragg top ten song ever to namecheck the 1984-5 miners' strike. Subtle Soul II Soul backbeat, of course, as well as *that* sample.

5. Eye Know by De La Soul
Now you're talking! Something I had actually heard from out of the actual charts! And, because we were still in the midst of a Levi-flogging Stax soul revival in 1990, I was more than familiar with the source of the Otis Redding sample. Even *I* wasn't stupid enough to say things like "it's just talking over someone else's song", though. I bought my first Levi's in 1994, fact fans.

6. Heart by Neneh Cherry
Not "Hearts" as listed. My favourite bit of Neneh Cherry is her faux-Cockney accent on Buffalo Stance which, in turn, inspired a devotion for Betty Boo (I think that Doin' The Do was the first pop-rap 12" I bought). Note the number of "strong wimmin" artists on this tape. Girls, eh?

7. Fools Gold by Stone Roses
I was there! I was watching! I was in the audience! When Ian Brown shouted "Amateurs!" at Tracey MacLeod on The Late Show. For ages, I thought the line "Marquis De Sade never made no boots like these" was "My kemo sabe never made no boots like these". Tonto, you have lots to answer for.

8. Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Saint Etienne
Pre-Cracknell Ets. This was the track that probably got the most play from this tape. Love the haunting reggae feel reminiscent of The Specials' Ghost Town. I was presenting a radio show in 1994 so was able to select this to represent their "best of" collection. I also liked Cola Boy, so nyer.

9. Heaven by The Chimes
Whoomp! There it is! The Incredible Bongo Band's famous Apach

The Evening Before 2010

The Evening Before 2010

Far out from the party floor, laughter wove through the decorative fishing net, and settled upon the dining area where we sat. Her pouty face told me she was not in the least amused though, in stark contrast to the image formed in my mind seconds ago when her mother told me how this little girl was so thrilled when told the night before that they would be coming to this Hawaiian theme party.

Maybe next time we should prepare some sweets and balloons to give away just in case some little angels may tag along to a party meant for the more mature.

Fifteen minutes to midnight, everyone wandered through the hallway toward the outdoor playground getting ready for the firework display. Young boys and girls swiftly made their way onto the climber, singing their favorite songs and clapping along, some swaying on the dewy grass alongside.

And there she was, somehow managed to climb up high to join her older mates, flashing the widest grin I came across that evening. Then the first squeak of firework broke out after the sonorous shout of counting-down, as we witnessed bright stemless flowers bloom against the night sky.

boys before flowers theme songs

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Daisy Floral Arrangements

daisy floral arrangements

  • A small grassland plant that has flowers with a yellow disk and white rays. It has given rise to many ornamental garden varieties

  • Daisy is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock band Brand New, released September 22, 2009 on Interscope Records.

  • any of numerous composite plants having flower heads with well-developed ray flowers usually arranged in a single whorl

  • "Daisy," sometimes known as "Daisy Girl" or "Peace, Little Girl," was a controversial campaign television advertisement. Though aired only once (by the campaign), during a September 7, 1964, telecast of David and Bathsheba on The NBC Monday Movie, it was a factor in President Lyndon B.

  • Used in names of other plants of this family with similar flowers, e.g., Michaelmas daisy, Shasta daisy

014/365 (Dreaming in Sepia)

014/365 (Dreaming in Sepia)

I have the best friends albeit there are degrees of friendship. There are the casual acquaintances who flit in and out of your life on a whim of destiny. Then there are those who are more...trusted colleagues, peers, contemporaries et al with whom you'll share a hearty laugh or swap so-called war stories on the trials and tribulations of life, work, and love. And sure, there are the fair-weather friends who have the innate ability to only be within reach when times are good, especially in their world.

Ultimately, if you're really'll have an inner circle of friends who will stand by you no matter what. They'll challenge you to be better, never one to settle. At times, they'll drive you bonkers full stop, but no matter what, they see right through you. They'll even scare you to the precipice of stubborn resistance.

They bring you balance, lift you up, affirm your own beliefs, yadda yadda. They listen. They sense. They know. They'll say and do NOT what you want, but what you need. I mean isn't the whole point of life to evolve, grow, expand our practice of being compassionate humans? So why then do we settle for cocooning ourselves within a false pride of friends who are tantamount to being nothing more than a gaggle of "yes" peeps? Peeps who coddle, maintain the status quo, always agree, make others around us the bad bad peeps (as if we're so perfect to never be the one who transgressed, etc.) are not true friends; they're among the preceding classifications.

Above all, the truest of friends know the most precious gift one human can give to another is that of their own time in any capacity. And I'm not talking drunken happy hours, movies, or any of the other endless sillery musings we pursue to entertain and distract ourselves from everyday life. I'm certainly not knocking that aspect of silleryness and mayhem (heck, I thrive on that stuff, truly).

I'm talking about those rare moments when the world pauses and for a split second you feel completely whole by the grace of one's action/gesture...simple or grand, you bear witness to the gift of one putting you before them.

All it takes is a few moments to validate the importance of someone in your life; those moments should never be selfishly held back for a rainy day. And please, spare placating someone with your "validating them." I mean for realz...even toddlers grasp the concept when they stop for a moment and say something as simple as, "you're fun," "you're pretty," "you're cool," "I love you." Such bold wisdom borne by the lack of life's complications and fears.

Fun Fact Du Jour: I came home and tucked inside my door with a handwritten note was a small floral arrangement. The dearest friend is afar. Their note was simple. Lifted, humbled, and flattered are no comparisons to the wave of deep appreciation for such a kind gesture. "X", thank you. I now slumber towards the Land of Nod dreaming in sepia whilst the lovely daisies await my smile to welcome a new day. Namaste.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies

Kathi, a co-worker / friend of mine, made a large donation to the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. When she made the donation, they granted her 10 bouquets that she could send to whomever she wanted. Myself and a few lucky ladies at work were fortunate enough to receive them. This is the 2nd bouquet I got because the original bouquet had droopy (but pretty!) daisies. SO NICE!

daisy floral arrangements

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